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System 47: An LCARS screensaver

22 June 2010 16,056 views 14 Comments

If you want, you can implement a highly functional animated LCARS desktop on your Mac — there’s a bit of challenge to it and the results are quite nice. However, there really is no need to go to all of that trouble, especially since there’s a beautiful, single-click (and free) install screensaver available (clip below the fold).

When it comes to System 47 2.3 (1.9MB, MacUpdate link), an LCARS style modular animated screen saver, there are only two real issues: 1.) It’s built with Flash, 2) the associated documentation and website are a bit of a mess.

“Loving this screensaver as much as I do, I was very sad when I found out that it would not install or function on 10.5 or 10.6. MeWho hasn’t posted an update since mid-2006 and all attempts to contact him have failed. With what little knowledge I had, I was able to update the ‘ScreenTime for Flash’ installer, so it now properly installs on the newer operating systems [Ed — OS X 10.5, 10.6] and functions when opened in the Screen Saver Preference Pane.”

See also: LCARS Internet Media Reader: ‘Why you bought an iPad’

Any who, System 47 2.2.1 seems to run fine — your display might flash a time or two as it starts up — but it hasn’t crashed or created other problems for me, and it’s definitely one heckuva lot easier to implement than the full LCARS desktop. I like it…

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