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WebKit browsers own HTML5 benchmark

3 August 2010 2,816 views 5 Comments

It’s rather disingenuous to say that the latest Chrome dev channel build is faster than last week’s publicly released version of Safari, especially when it’s so easy just to go get the latest build of WebKit, the open-source development version of Apple’s browser. And, hey, why not invite even more friends to the party?

There’s an updated version of the HTML5 Test and it features a new 315-point scale versus the previous 300-point version. There’s additional information available that can be crudely summarized by saying “more testing is better.”

And, here’s how the mainline, as well as some B-list, browsers fare when put to this test:

WebKit 8/2 Build — 227
Chrome dev channel — 222
• Safari 5.0.1 — 213
iCab 4.8 — 213
Sunrise — 213
• Chrome 5.0.375.125 — 202
Firefox 4 beta 8/2 build — 190
• Firefox 4 beta 2 — 189
• Opera 10.6 — 159
• Firefox 3.6.6 — 139
• SeaMonkey — 126

My takeaway? Though it’s clearly still early days, if you’re not using a WebKit-based browser — WebKit, Safari, Chrome, iCab or Sunrise — you’re not getting as much as you can from the HTML5-optimized web…

What’s your take?

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