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Hands on with Rush Time Machine for iPad

4 November 2010 6,478 views 3 Comments

If you’re a Rush fan, the kind that can’t get enough, Rush Time Machine (iTunes, $4.99) is a pretty cool little app. On the up, there are two representative songs — full length — from all 18 of the group’s studio albums that play nicely in the background as you navigate around the content.

What, there’s more? In the music player, each song comes with anecdotes about the lyrics, recording, what was going with the guys or a remembrance — there are some fun and interesting tidbits to be had.

The meat of the app lies in “the main monkey business,” which includes album art, the band’s crew on their last tour, set lists from three tours, listings of their gear and bobbleheads. Yes, bobblehead representations of the guys and they say silly things when you make their heads, well, bobble.

“Poke” Geddy on the nose and, among other things, he’ll say, “My bar mitzvah band is better than that.”

Thereupon, the band’s self-effacing sense of humor peppers the app.

And, in case you ever wondered, a reference on Alex’s “Weapons” page to “a bushel of iApples” would seem to put to rest the question of whether or not he’s one of the “rest of us.”

All the app’s a stage

And the down? Well, whereas the Caravan section (tour) includes a direct link to ticket information, Google Maps, how to get to the shows, hotels, foods and attractions, the tour is over and there aren’t any more dates. In fact, the app came out October 20 and the tour ended in Chile on October 17.

[u] The band has added tour dates in North America and Europe throughout 2011 and the news section is now seeing regular updates, as well.

Likewise, the news and info section is decidedly not forward looking at all. Yes, news is retrospective by nature, but some new somethings — oh, I don’t know, like new (i.e. relevant) tour dates or when the new (overdue) album’s coming — in a new app probably aren’t too much to expect.

K’vit your kevetching

Is Rush Time Machine worth $5 $2.99? Well, I’ve have my hands on it for about two hours and pretty much consumed it.

If the guys or their minions — probably minions — provide updates and content refreshes, it could be a great long-term value. Contrariwise, if this is it, well, a true fan likely won’t begrudge this small additional contribution to Alex, Geddy and Neil’s welfare.

Ultimately, the punchline here is that Rush Time Machine is yet another, this time cleverly done, retrospective and they’ve put out, including live albums, 11 of those over the years. This is my first “best of” Rush collection…

What’s your take?

via iLounge

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