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How to: Cycle all open windows in Exposé

9 December 2010 5,424 views 11 Comments

With Mac OS X Snow Leopard, there’s almost always two, three or more ways to skin this cat. For example, if you want to cycle through open applications (switch apps), you can use the platform agnostic Command + Tab (⌘ + Tab) method, but that won’t show you open windows and let you select a specific one — Exposé to the rescue!

Apple’s Exposé Basics video shows you how to use this app switching and window management feature of Mac OS X Snow Leopard. However, because it’s short and sweet, the video is also incomplete as it doesn’t cover a couple of nifty ways to cycle through open applications one-at-a-time using the keyboard while seeing their associated windows.

On a standard Apple Aluminum (desktop) or portable keyboard, just tap the “F3” (Exposé) key to show all of the open apps and windows. [u] Now, tap the tilda or tab keys to move t.

Each tap allows cycles through each of the open apps, including the Finder, one-at-a-time while showing all of the open windows associated with each app.

To open an app or a specific app window, just click on it with the mouse.

Here kitty, kitty

Alternately, when in Exposé, you can preview a specific window full-size by holding the mouse cursor over that window and pressing the Spacebar. You can then cycle through full-size previews of the open windows by pressing the arrow keys.

That said, you can select the window you want to open either by clicking it with the mouse or hitting the Return key.

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