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ClickToFlash 2.2 improves prefs, HTML5 replacement on Facebook [u]

7 April 2011 4,180 views 5 Comments

Obnoxious ads that automatically play. CPU and battery killing animations that just keep running. And, don’t forget the endless parade of flash enabled malware and security threats. There are a lot of reasons to keep Flash from running roughshod on your Mac and here’s the tool to manage those issues.

ClickToFlash 2.2 (release notes) is yet another big leap forward for this rapidly improving Safari extension. The most notable change in this release is that settings are now in their own HTML page accessible via Safari’s Window menu.

Because it is a menu item, you can create a keyboard shortcut for fast access.

Apple Online StoreWhat else is new?

• Perfected plug-in detection following WebKit’s internal mechanism
• New blacklists to permanently hide Flash objects
• Customize KB, mouse shortcuts for media playback, other actions
• HTML5 replacements for Facebook videos
• Revamped playlist controls
• Safari’s hidden volume slider for HTML5 media elements can be used
• The title of the video can be shown in the controls
• Contains English and French localizations
• Fixed HTML5 video aspect ratio issues using shadow DOM styling
• Fixed Megavideo and Veoh HTML5 replacements

If you’ve already installed ClickToFlash, you can get this upgrade via Safari’s Extensions Preference Pane. Otherwise, download your very own copy of ClickToFlash 2.2 here.

[u] ClickToFlash 2.2.1 2.2.2 (download) has already been issued to address the prefs bug noted by winc06 in the comments. That said, although I have the new version, I still can’t access the prefs via the Windows menu — it was there and now it’s not.

However, preferences are accessible by right clicking a webpage with embedded Flash.

Otherwise, ClickToFlash 2.2.1 seems to be working fine.

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