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Acorn 3.0.1: Bug fixes (some more bug fixes)

6 May 2011 1,679 views No Comment

A whole number release is inevitably followed by a dot-fix. Thereupon, my new main image editing axe (Photoshop CS2 was eaten by a Lion) has gotten the anticipated post whole number release update. What’s baked into this dot-fix? There are bug fixes, some more bug fixes and then a few more thrown in for good measure. Step inside for what’s new.

Some folks like to wait until the dot-fix before buying a version of an app. Thereupon, FlyingMeat, whose logo is a leaping deer, has released Acorn 3.0.1 (blog).

FlyingMeat’s top 10 issues addressed are:

Adobe Master Collection CS5.5• Fixed a trimming bug
• Fixed a bug where the colors in the filter panel were different than the colors in the canvas when a preview was shown
• You can now change the levels in a layer mask
• If Acorn can’t seem to open up a layered PSD, it’ll try and open up its composite layer instead
• Fixed a redraw problem with rotated bezier paths
• Fixed a bug where you could uncheck the “Keep aspect ratio” option when scaling an image with the Lanczos scaling algorithm
• Fixed a bug where creating a new graphic on a shape layer with a really big drop shadow layer style would draw incorrectly
• Generator layer styles (like circles, gradients, checkerboard) now have an overlay option which is enabled by default. We’ve also removed the source atop blend mode, since this did the exact same thing as the overlay button does now
• Fixed a bug where the bold button in the font palette wasn’t working correctly
• Fixed a bug with moving a selection on a bitmap where cutting was involved and it’s much too involved to actually explain here. But it works as expected now, so that’s good

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You can get a 14-day demo of Acorn here. If you’re in the mood to buy and those marvelous automagical updates, Acorn 3.0.1 is available on the Mac App Store ($49.99).

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