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Get your Mac back: OS X Lion’s missing iSync

25 July 2011 10,530 views 5 Comments

Apple being Apple, their latest desktop operating system release adds cool new features and takes a few away, too. In addition to cutting Samba, Rosetta and Front Row, OS X Lion came to market sans iSync, the app used to to synchronize contact and calendar data from Address Book and iCal with feature phones, like the once popular Nokia N96 and Motorola Razr, via Bluetooth or USB.

Getting iSync back is really quite easy, assuming you backed up before you installed Lion. If you haven’t upgraded yet, you’ll need to backup the iSync app and the phone plugin(s) you need.

An even smarter approach is to backup your entire system, a task for which Lion compatible SuperDuper! and CarbonCopyCloner are ideally suited.

Alternately, with the aid of CharlesSoft’s Pacifist, you can extract iSync from your Mac’s restore disks or a retail copy of Snow Leopard. Here again, there’s catch — Pacifist isn’t Lion compatible, so any extraction will have to happen before you upgrade.

Smoke ’em if ya gotten ’em

That said, after upgrading to Lion, place a copy of the iSync app in the ~/Applications folder. Next you’ll need to put copies of the phone plugin(s) in ~/Library/PhonePlugins folder, but there’s quid pro quo here.

As OS X Lion hides the ~/Library by default, you will need to make it visible and, yes, the Fairer Platform’s got that base covered, too — How to: Make Library visible in Mac OS X 10.7 Lion.

Thereupon, if there’s no PhonePlugins folder in ~/Library, make one (Command + Shift + N).

The obvious take away here is that backing up before any major software install or upgrade is imperative…

What’s your take?

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