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How to: Disable, enable OS X Lion resume, FTP, Library, 3D dock, more

11 August 2011 5,677 views 4 Comments

Whenever there’s Mac OS X feature users want to enable or go away, some eager beaver always steps with an app to automate the process. In the present case, “Frederick W” has a Lion Tweaks, which makes customizing OS X Lion a point and click breeze. Nevertheless, if you’re the get your hands dirty type, the Fairer Platform has tutorials for many of these tasks, too.

Lion Tweaks is a painfully simple application, or collection of AppleScripts if you prefer, that automates correcting many of the issues people have with OS X Lion. It’s free and the user comments/reviews has been positive.

Further, Frederick W is responsive in addressing issues as they come up. If you need further convincing, I tested the lot and all of those buttons seem to work just fine — YMMV.

That said, I wouldn’t recommend that you don’t remove Apple’s OS X Lion Addressbook skin as the “Aluminum” one provided with Lion Tweaks is orders of magnitude less attractive (fugly).

Real (wo)men get their hands dirty

Now, if you’re in the mood or an an inveterate do-it-yourself type, here’s a quick list of the hands on OS X Lion how to articles published here on the Fairer Platform:

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And, for those of you using a traditional mouse with Lion, you can greatly improve the experience by upgrading to either Apple’s Magic Mouse or Magic Trackpad. I chose the latter, but Lion without gestures is like a Ferrari running on bald tires.

Do you have a handy dandy OS X Lion tip or trick? Share it and a link in the comments below…

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