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How to: Download, install and setup Flash Player 11

8 October 2011 3,413 views 3 Comments

Given that Adobe pushed out this update on Tuesday, October 4, it’s little wonder few if any of us actually noticed. Nevertheless, there is a “new” whole number release available and there’s quite a bit to contemplate, especially how to properly set it up.

Of course, the best way to avoid the headaches, hassles and security issues associated with Flash is to not install it. Barring that, here’s a primmer.

Adobe has shipped Flash Player (release notes) and, among a long list of other things, here’s the new stuff:

• Stage 3D accelerated graphics rendering
• Native Mac, Linux, Windows support for 64-bit OSes, browsers
• H.264/AVC software encoding for cameras
• Protected HTTP Dynamic Streaming across devices
• Secure random number generation for secure algorithms, protocols
• G.711 audio compression for telephony

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If you need Adobe Flash Player, you need to keep it up to date — hackers and criminals use holes in older versions (the devil they know) to steal your personal information, credit card data, etc.

So, get the latest version of Flash Player and the only place to get is Adobe.

Installing, setup

Once Flash Player 11 is finished downloading (your Downloads folder will bounce once), mount the disk. While that’s happening, you will need to quite Safari and/or Firefox (Google Chrome keeps Flash up-to-date for you).

Now, navigate to the Finder and double click the “Install Adobe Flash Player” icon. Next click “I have read and agree…,” click “Install” and, if the installer conflicts with any additional apps (PandoraJam, System Preferences, etc.), you can quit them now and install.

The next part is the one nearly everyone forgets — controlling how your information is collected and stored by Flash Player. Go to System Preferences > Other > Flash Player and tick the following:

• Storage: “Block all sites from storing…”
— Advertisers don’t know what they can’t remember
• Camera and Mic: “Block all sites form using the camera and microphone”
— Are you always fully dressed (or sober) when surfing the web? ’nuff said
• Playback: “Block all sites from using peer-assisted networking”
— There have been credible reports of hackers piggy backing into user computers via peer-assited networking
• Advanced: “Check for updates automatically”
— You can’t forget if your Mac is checking for you

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And, there you have it — you’ve downloaded the app direct from the source, installed and properly set up Adobe Flash Player 11. Moreover, you’ve kept the creepy advertisers at least at arm’s length and that has to feel good…

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