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Latest ‘Fake Steve Jobs’ is lame, tasteless

1 February 2012 3,273 views No Comment

Although it took a couple years, Dan Lyons wore out his welcome as “Fake Steve Jobs.” Then there were the fleeting 15 seconds of fame enjoyed by this guy who actually bore a general resemblance to the Apple co-founder. Moreover, he had the good taste to do his schtick while Jobs was still alive and was selling pumpkin seeds rather than electronics.

Then there was the hyper-realistic Steve Jobs doll that never quite made it to market, but caused reasonable people everywhere to shiver with disgust.

Now, we have the tasteless buffoon shown above (clip below the fold) — Taiwanese “comedian” Ah-Ken is schilling tablets for Action Electronics and the result is just bad.

Wings and a halo? Certainly not the Steve Jobs we knew and loved.

And, the lamest part? The tablet on display comes loaded with less than fresh (i.e. December 2010) Android 2.3.

Garbage in, garbage out…

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