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Camino 2.1.2, Thunderbird 11, SeaMonkey 2.8 ship

15 March 2012 1,115 views No Comment

It’s Mozilla Thursday here at the Fairer Platform with a trio of releases hot the heals of yesterday’s Firefox 11 and TenFourFox 10.0.3 updates. Though there a couple whole numbers in the mix, it’s hard to view them as anything more than point updates — step inside for all of the details.

• Camino 2.1.2 (release notes)
— Upgraded to version of the Mozilla Gecko rendering engine, which includes several critical security and stability fixes.
— See also: Camino 2.1.1
Download it here

• Thunderbird 11 (release notes)
— NEW: New user interface with Tabs above the main menu bar to facilitate navigation and make it more contextual
— FIXED: Thunderbird notifications may not work properly with Growl 1.3 or later (691662)
— FIXED: Fixes a crash seen during importing of Microsoft Outlook profiles
— Download it here

• SeaMonkey 2.8 (release notes)
— Support for migrating from old profiles (before SeaMonkey 2.0) has been dropped
— New Add-ons Sync engine (install the Add-ons Sync Prefs add-on to enable it in Preferences)
— The CSS text-size-adjust property is now supported
— The outerHTML property is now supported on HTML elements
— View source syntax highlighting now uses the HTML5 parser
— SPDY protocol support for faster page loads is now testable
— XMLHttpRequest now supports HTML parsing
— Files can now be stored in IndexedDB
— Websockets has now been unprefixed
— Redesigned media controls for HTML5 video
— Fixed several stability issues

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