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The real reason Schiller dumped Instagram

20 April 2012 1,143 views No Comment

So, what did Apple’s senior vice president of worldwide marketing mean when he said that Instagram “…jumped the shark when it went to Android”? Pageview mongers and haters alike jumped to the perhaps all-too-obvious conclusion — the mere association with Android dirtied the popular photo sharing service.

However, out here in the real world, Schiller’s reasoning is a bit more nuanced.

Clayton Braasch, who wasn’t buying the line that Android hate was the motivator, took the liberty of emailing Phil and got the following reply:

Instagram is a great app and community. That hasn’t changed.

But one of the things I really liked about Instagram was that it was a small community of early adopters sharing their photographs.

Now that it has grown much larger the signal to noise ratio is different.
That isn’t necessarily good or bad, it’s just not what I originally had fun with.

Perhaps Phil should have said, “That hasn’t changed YET and I am getting the heck out of Dodge before Instagram turns into another Zuckerberg managed cattle yard.”

Or, maybe not…

What’s your take?

via The Verge

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