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Acorn 3.2.2: Feature tweaks and bug fixes

2 May 2012 1,189 views One Comment

a leading photoshop alternative get a brush up with new features and bug fixes. acorn 3.2.2 is now available

If you’re a graphic production pro, chances are overwhelming Photoshop is where you spend your time. For everyone else — bloggers, educators, small business people, students — there are three prominent choices: Photoshop Elements, Pixelmator and, my favorite, Acorn.

Flying Meat, the company with leaping buck logo, has released Acorn 3.2.2 (release notes). This point-update has a few new things, but the majority of changes are bug fixes and feature tweaks:

• New: You can now copy a layer style from the layer styles window (by using the action menu in the bottom).
• New: New plugin api to add bezier paths to a shape layer.
• Fix: Fixed a bug where sometimes text would be redrawn too much and showed up darker than it should have.
• Fix: Fixed a problem where using shift+down arrow + having the move tool selected was causing the fill dialog box to pop up.
• Fix: Fixed a crasher when using the eyedropper tool on bitmap layers which are framed in a specific manner.
• Fix: Added WebP as an export format when exporting with AppleScript.
• Fix: EXIF data is now retained when opening a RAW image.
• Fix: Fixed a problem where kerning was sometimes lost when duplicating a text layer.
• Fix: Fixed a rounding error when resizing an image.
• Change: PNGs are now always saved without interlacing.

Get a 14-day Acorn trial here or, if you’re ready to buy, get it on the Mac App Store ($49.99).

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