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CableWiFi: Big headlines, small deployment

22 May 2012 4,145 views No Comment

How do 50,000 wi-fi hotspots sound? Well, unless you live in one of these big metropolitan areas — New York City (including Jersey, Long Island and New Jersey), Philadelphia, Los Angeles, Tampa and Orlando — the CableWiFi announcement won’t mean much to you.

The big five US cable providers — Bright House Networks, Cablevision, Comcast, Cox Communications, and Time Warner Cable — have announced they’re cooperating to provide single login convenience across their collective 50,000 wi-fi hotspots.

That means if you’re a Time Warner subscriber and happen see an available ComCast hotspot, for example, just jump on and rock n’ roll.

Whereas that 50K is 60 percent more hotspots than AT&T’s national 30K-plus network, which by the way includes nearly every McDonald’s and Starbucks location, CableWiFi is only available in just a few big metros. Or, put another way, CableWiFi nets some fraction of eight states while AT&T’s network covers every state.

So, you CableWiFi folks in Brooklyn are getting all kinds of redundancy with authenticate once and go convenience, but the vast, vast, vast majority of the country gets jack diddly squat. Alternately, the rest of us can just go to an AT&T hotspot Starbucks or McDonald’s.

Again, big headlines and a small in reality deployment…

What’s your take?

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