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If Google can, why not Apple?

27 June 2012 1,716 views 7 Comments

Can you name a single consumer electronics device that is manufactured in these oddly dysfunctional United States? If you find yourself coming up short, have one on Google — the Nexus Q is a living room multimedia box tagged at $299 that emphasizes social.

Considering that it competes with the $99 Apple TV and various Roku boxes, which start at $50, this device is more than a little expensive.

There are, however, reasons for the price. New York Times reports that the Nexus Q has been designed and manufactured, almost entirely, in the United States.

“We’ve been absent for so long, we decided why don’t we try it and see what happens?” said Andy Rubin, the Google executive who leads the company’s Android mobile business.

Assembled in San Jose from mostly US made parts and running an ARM processor, the Nexus Q is innovative. People who have seen the Nexus Q have reacted almost with one voice: the device, its design and functionality all inspire.

However, in addition to the staggering price, it has another caveat — the Nexus Q must be paired with Android smartphone to function. And, did I mention there’s no internal storage?

What was that about US manufactured innovation? I forgot already.

Certainly Apple could do better than this…

What’s your take?

via The Verge

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