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Reality check: Facebook: The most successful IPO in history

10 June 2012 1,134 views No Comment

negative headlines can't bely the fact that Facebook got maximum cash and paid minimum fees for the largest ipo in history.

Like a lot of people, I have been confused by the headlines generated by Wall Street investors and analysts — the Facebook IPO had failed and spectacularly so. Though my understanding of such things is limited, the bottom line, at least as far as Facebook is concerned, is clear and exemplified by this TechCrunch summary:

Facebook just had THE MOST SUCCESSFUL IPO in history. The newspaper headlines say it was a “flop.” That’s why some people write newspaper headlines and some people make a lot of money. The pessimists write the headlines and the optimists make the money. Facebook raised the maximum amount of money they could raise at the highest price and they paid the lowest fees paid in the history of investment banking.

So, good for you, Mr. Zuckerberg, you finagled a huge pay day for your company and, heck, even got the girl before folks had figured out what a masterstroke you had engineered — maximum cash at minimum cost. Good for you…

What’s your take?

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