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Safari 6 for OS X Lion: What’s new

25 July 2012 1,552 views One Comment

Smart Search, Offline Reading, Do Not Track, etc. feature in Safari 6, but there are also critical security fixes in the Mac's default browser…

OS X Lion users, whether or not you are interested Smart Search, Offline Reading, Do Not Track and Safari 6’s other cool stuff, this is a major update of Apple’s default browser for the Mac with both desirable new features and critical security fixes.

Whereas Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox hit new “milestone” release every few months, it has been more than two years since the last whole number (wikipedia) Safari update.

With today’s launch of OS X Mountain Lion, which includes the new version of the web client, Apple also shipped Safari 6 for OS X Lion. New features and fixes are said to include:

• Smart Search Field: Safari now has one field for typing both searches and web addresses
• Offline Reading List: Safari saves entire webpages in your Reading List so you can catch up on your reading even when you don’t have an Internet connection
• Do Not Track: Safari can send the websites you visit a request not to track you online
• Password pane: Manage your saved website logins with the new Password pane
• Baidu: The leading Chinese search engine Baidu is now a built-in option for Chinese users
• Make the swipe to navigate gesture work with PDFs
• Restore the state of Reading List when Safari is launched
• Fix an issue that affected full screen video in webpages that have positioned content
• Restore the user’s previous cookies after Private Browsing without requiring a Safari relaunch

As detailed in Apple’s security content knowledge base article, there are literally scores of security issues patched in Safari, the largest number of which affected memory corruption vulnerabilities — the kind of issue that can allow an attacker to steal information and/or take over a user’s Mac.

Again, whether or not OS X Lion users are interested in Safari 6’s new features, the security content alone demands the upgrade.

That said, Safari 6’s new features offer real utility, especially Smart Search Field, Do Not Track and Password Pane…

What’s your take?

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