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iPod touch: Five great years!

6 September 2012 1,442 views 2 Comments

Thank you, Apple and Steve Jobs, for five great years. The iPod touch has been a real game changer…

A century ago, the automobile replaced the horse, solving the problem of what to do with all of those equine crap cookies. The electric light similarly saved us from self-immolation by kerosine and whale oil. And, in 2007, Steve Jobs introduced the iPod touch, saving kids and, perhaps to a greater degree, parents from the pratfalls of the Nintendo DS.

My kids each had a Nintendo DS and used to constantly pester me for new games which cost $20, $30, $40, $50 or more. Moreover, they were forever losing the little stylus needed to play those games — no fun for dad.

Also, my kids were endlessly wanting time on our family Mac to watch YouTube, play games, chat with their friends and, sometimes, even do homework. Shudder.

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Then on September 5, 2007 (Wikipedia) Steve Jobs introduced the original iPod touch (clip below) and things began to change for the better. The kids got palm-sized computers that could do all of those things and the games cost a lot less, especially the multitude of titles that are free, with no styluses to lose.

Plus the iPod touch has a perfectly serviceable digital still and HD video camera, a big bonus.

So, thank you, Apple and Steve Jobs, for five great years. With more than 82 million sold worldwide, four to our family, the iPod touch has been a real game changer…

What’s your take?

Steve Jobs introduces the original iPod touch in 2007.

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