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Remembering Steve Jobs: A week of serendipity

26 October 2012 19,844 views No Comment

It has been a good week for stories from people remembering Steve Jobs. There is even a documentary…

It has been a good week for stories from people remembering Steve Jobs. There is even a documentary, an obvious bit of hagiography, about NeXT and Steve Jobs that features, among other things, the tech icon gardening. Tasty organic carrots? Step inside for the stories.

First off is Tim Smith, whose British made Sunbeam Alpine broke down right in front of Steve Jobs’ Palo Alto home, and his surreal experience:

The Jobs made small talk and joked with their friends – dressed to the nines, repairing my car – while I politely thanked them over and over and tried not to throw up at the insanity of the scene. And then of course, it got even weirder, or funnier, depending on whether you were me or not.

James Bond told someone to try to crank the car. I was talking with Laurene, so Jobs actually sits down in the Alpine and tries to crank it – with his kid sitting behind him. To no avail.

So I have to stop here – it’s a Kodak moment – something you want to remember. It’s a beautiful Fall evening in Palo Alto. Your car’s broken. A formally dressed close friend of Steve Jobs is under the hood working on your engine. You are talking with Steve’s absolutely lovely and down to earth wife. Steve is in the car, with his kid, trying to crank it — Forbes: The Best Stories About People Randomly Meeting Steve Jobs

The above is just a snippet from the full anecdote, which is both funny and endearing. Forbes is running a pair of other remembrances, including one from an intern who passed a dreaded Jobs elevator pop quiz.

Steve Jobs: Building Next

Lastly, check out this documentary covering NeXT Computer and its founder. Jobs was a much younger man and the story presented is fairly one-sided. Nevertheless, for folks who can never get enough of the tech visionary, it’s all good stuff.

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