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iTunes swallows Fnac’s online sales

1 November 2012 1,977 views 2 Comments

And, another one bites the dust. Like AOL Music before, Fnac's online music sales presence will shutdown and direct customers to iTunes instead…

And, another one bites the dust. Like AOL Music before, which gave up on digital music sales and folded its store into iTunes, the online music sales presence of a major French retailer will shutdown, opting to direct customers instead to Apple’s music store instead.

MarketWatch quoting France’s Le Figaro newspaper, reports that Fnac will shift its digital music business to iTunes.

Fnac, which is the largest retailer of records in France with a 30 percent market share, will give up online sales after it failed to secure a significant market share after eight years of efforts…

C’est la vie.

Since its launch in 2003, the iTunes Music Store has vanquished numerous competitors, including Microsoft (PlaysForSure, Zune), Yahoo Music, Coca-Cola and a host of others. Of course, some of these players have risen and risen again, like zombies, but the trend over time has been clear — Apple has become the world’s largest music retailer while maintaining a greater than 70 percent share of the digital download market.

Can anything or anyone knock Apple iTunes from the top spot? Four years is a long time to be number one…

What’s your take?

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