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Does 2012 Mac mini Firmware Update 1.7 work? Yep

12 December 2012 1,671 views One Comment

There is an HDMI flickering issue with the 2012 Mac mini. Six-plus weeks after release Apple delivered a firmware update that fixes the issue.

Issues. There is an HDMI flickering issue with the 2012 Mac mini, which shipped on October 23. Six weeks and change later Apple released the Mac mini EFI Firmware Update 1.7 with the purpose, if not sole purpose, of fixing the HDMI flicker issue.

And, the verdict? Fairer Platform comment poster David Morgan spells it out, “Yes, no more brief intermissions with a black screen, or display loss with a grey screen.”

AppleInsider commenter punkndrublic (nice nic) seconds that in saying, “Yeah I was getting the snow screen too, while working on Illustrator. So far no more flickering, the firmware worked.”

The HDMI flicker issue, which 2012 Mac mini owners say recurred up every two hours or so of use, affected both Macs and PCs with the same Intel Ivy Bridge chipset.

It’s good when things “just work” and it’s almost as good when Apple et al deliver a fix that sets things right…

What’s your take? Did the Mac mini Firmware Update 1.7 work for you?

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