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Apple: Fix OS X Dashboard by Enabling iOS Apps

31 December 2012 2,653 views One Comment

Back in the day, Microsoft copied Dashboard and the first iOS apps were based on OS X Dashboard Widgets. However,  little has changed since, though…

When Apple delivered Dashboard as part of OS X 10.5 Tiger back in 2006, it made quite a splash. It was such a good idea that Microsoft copied it and, many believe, OS X Dashboard Widgets were the template used to create the first iPhone apps. Over the intervening years, however, little if any new effort has been put into improving Dashboard or Widgets — should Apple kill it or revitalize it?

Although I use OS X Dashboard multiple times a day, the only time most users ever think about it is how to turn Dashboard off to conserve system resources — See also: How To: Disable Dashboard in OS X Mountain Lion. However, at least one Redditor has a question if not a plan for saving OS X Dashboard:

Enable the usage of iOS apps in Dashboard. People can open and arrange iOS apps they’ve purchased or downloaded in the Dashboard. In the early days of iOS, widgets and apps were very similar. For apps that have iPad and iPhone versions, you would be able to pick either. It might end up competing with “Live Tiles” on the Windows 8 side of things curtquarquesso, Reddit

Does that sound loopy? Perhaps, but it could be a brilliant way to even more closely integrate iOS and OS X, the ultimate Back to Mac move — a sticky layer that’s constant among iCloud, Mac and iThing.

Fundamentally, OS X and iOS share the same underlying codebase, so the concept is at least plausible…

What’s your take?

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  • rwb said:

    I agree with curtquarquesso’s suggestion. Plenty of iOS apps could be very useful as Dashboard widgets, or even if they were useable as an OS X app. It shouldn’t be too hard for Apple to integrate them into the OS, and to widen the appeal of both operating systems as an added benefit.

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