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Mac Apps: Photoshop 13.0.3, BBEdit 10.5.1, Carbon Copy Cloner 3.5.2 updates

20 December 2012 1,492 views No Comment

Whereas Adobe's support Retina support, Bare Bones is fixing bugs and Bombich is moving away from Growl. Get your Mac app update news here…

Whereas Adobe has enabled support for HiDPI (Retina) displays, Bare Bones is cleaning up bugs and Bombich is moving CCC to Notification Center and away from Growl. That last bit is a tad disconcerting, though Growl remains vibrant and robust — the cracks are becoming evident. What else is new in these popular Mac apps? Step inside.

• Photoshop 13.0.3 update for CS6, download
— Enables support for new HiDPI (Retina) displays on the Macintosh platform for a dramatic improvement in image fidelity and resolution.

• BBEdit 10.5.1 (release notes, download)
— This release consists entirely of fixes for reported issues, and contains no new features, nor changes to existing features
— Fixed crash which would occur after using the “Other…” menu item to choose an alternate file in the Markup Builder panel, then cancelling the file dialog, and then immediately dismissing the markup panel
— Made scrollbar activation in list views track the user-focus state of the host window, which cures an assortment of ills
— Adjusted examples in the expert prefs help to reflect current text antialiasing defaults
— A score more fixes and tweaks, see release notes

• Carbon Copy Cloner 3.5.2 (release notes, download)
— Added support for sending notifications to Mountain Lion’s Notification Center. Growl support will continue to be supported for Snow Leopard and Lion, but in Mountain Lion, CCC will only send notifications to the built-in Notification Center.
— Scheduled tasks configured to run when the source or destination is reattached now have an optional reminder interval
— When selecting a folder as the source or destination, CCC now displays a “bread crumb”-style indicator of the path to the folder to make it more clear where exactly the source and destination folders are located.
— CCC will now warn you if your USB-attached source or destination volume is “slow”, e.g. attached in a manner that results in the interface speed being negotiated to 1.5MB/s or less.
— Task names are now sorted in a case insensitive manner in the Scheduled Tasks window.
— Other changes and fixes, see release notes

Regarding the transition from Growl to OS X Mountain Lion Notification Center, Bombich offers the following details, “We understand that Growl offers functionality beyond Apple’s Notification center, but the time required to maintain support for Growl and protecting CCC from problems specific to Growl has become too much of a burden to continue its support when there is a capable alternative offered by the operating system.”

Again, that’s a little disconcerting, but hardly the death knell for Growl — Long live Notification Center…

What’s your take?

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