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Steve Jobs in Sweden: ‘Computers Will Radically Revolutionize Education’

26 January 2013 5,651 views No Comment

Steve Jobs in Sweden in 1985, who knew? He was, of course, charming, funny and full of visions of the future and not a little hubris. All of which he delivered to a roomful European academics at Lund University who gathered to hear him speak.

“You can have many views of what a computer is,” said Jobs. “My particular view of is that a computer is a new medium. A new medium, one of the media — print, television, radio. And, a computer will in the future be looked, I think, at more in this way as a delivery vehicle for software. Just like a book is a delivery vehicle for its own kind of software.”

Wow, that was a headful and all the more so for 1985.

Ever the provocateur, Steve Jobs wanted to ask Aristotle questions, sell Macintoshes to the Soviet Union and “radically revolutionize education.”

Sometime not long after the Apple co-founder’s appearance at Sweden’s Lund University, he would leave Apple and found NeXT — the wellspring of NeXTstep and a legendary cast of characters, including Avie Tevanian (father of OS X), Mitch Mandich (VP Apple sales after Jobs’ return) and Jon Rubinstein (father of the iPod).

Although all of this is history, it still feels very much alive and fresh…

What’s your take?

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