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Apple Security Is Nigh! Not

25 March 2013 1,086 views One Comment

A weekend of Apple security kerfuffle. What was it all about? Pageviews. Fundamentally, Apple had it all covered before most people knew there were issues…

A whole weekend of Apple security kerfuffle. Link bait headlines dominated, but the thing most of the writers didn’t mention, at least until the end of their articles, was Apple quickly obviated the issues within hours. Done. But, no, click their links — Apple security is a mess!

Did you know that that Yontoo Trojan is running roughshod over users? You probably didn’t know it because it’s not true.

Yes, there is a trojan by the name Yontoo, but thoughtful people must aver vis-a-vis how dangerous it is. First of all, Yontoo poses as a browser plugin that users must voluntarily install. If a web pages asks you to install a plugin, don’t

Further, Apple blocked Yontoo last Thursday by pushing a silent XProtect update, which covers OS X Snow Leopard, Lion and Mountain Lion users or the vast majority of active Macs on the interwebs.

Last but not least is the fact that Yontoo requires an out-of-date version of Java to function, which XProtect also blocks.

Vulnerable? Not.

Apple Security: I Forgot? Not

Last Thursday, Apple began offering two-factor ID security on all devices — How To: Setup Apple Two-Factor ID. On Friday, the very next day, someone figured out that, knowing a user’s date of birth and their email address input on Apple’s I Forgot website could result in a password reset — OMG!

Again, not. On Friday, within hours, Apple pulled the site, fixed the issue and put the site back up.


Why all of the noise? People were looking for pageviews, plain and simple…

What’s your take?

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