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What’s New in Safari 6.0.3 [u]

15 March 2013 2,806 views 5 Comments

In the here and now, Apple has delivered this interim Safari 6 update with the latest Mountain Lion patch. What it's all about? Step inside for the details…

As of this writing Safari 6.0.3 isn’t available as a separate download, though one expects it will eventually be released for Lion*, as well. In the here and now, Apple has delivered this interim browser update with the latest Mountain Lion patch.

What it’s all about? Safari 6.0.3 (scroll down) delivers fixes for a range of small issues, most of which I have never experienced let alone heard of:

— Improves scrolling on facebook.com
— Improves scrolling while zoomed in on a webpage
— Improves performance on webpages with plug-in content
— A fix for an issue that could cause the inaccurate appearance of an alert that bookmarks can’t be changed
— A fix for an issue that could cause duplicate bookmarks to appear on an iOS device after editing bookmarks with Safari in OS X
— A fix for an issue that permitted users to access unfiltered search results when searching from google.com when Parental Controls are enabled
— A fix for an issue that could prevent Safari from restoring the last position on a webpage a user navigated back to

*[u] Safari 6.0.3 is indeed available for OS X Lion via Software Update, though not as a separate download. Folks using OS X Snow Leopard have thus far been left out in the cold, which is perhaps unsurprising.

Apple bundled with Safari 5.1.8 for Snow Leopard into its latest OS X 10.6.8 security update, which was released last week and “no one” noticed.

Regarding the security content of Safari 6.0.3, the big issue covered is a series of memory corruption bugs, which could lead to app termination and arbitrary code execution — a.k.a. nasty stuff. Apple does not say whether or not any of the security issues patched were active in the wild.

Again, Mountain Lion users can update to Safari 6.0.3 when they install OS X 10.8.3.

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