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Gigabit Broadband Arrives in Rural Vermont. And, Your Town?

27 April 2013 2,146 views No Comment

My 15Mbps TWC connection for $53 a month is pricey, but the speed is 2X the US average. However, VTel subs are getting gigabit broadband for $35 a month.

As these things go in the US, my 15Mbps connection for $53 a month from Time Warner Cable (TWC) is a bit expensive, but the speed is twice the national average. However, VTel customers around the small, rural New England state of Vermont are getting a much, much, much better deal — gigabit broadband for $35 a month.

VTel, using $94 million in American Reinvestment and Recovery Act grants (a.k.a. stimulus), is now rolling out the service. Currently, about 500 customers are getting average speeds in the 925 to 950 Mbps range.

VTel will hook up about 200 customers a week to their new and ultrafast gigabit broadband network until the rollout is complete sometime in mid-2014.

Again, they will pay just $35 a month, which less than half the rate paid by Google Fiber customers in Austin, Provo or Kansas City.

Gigabit Broadband: And, Your Town?

What do you get when you compare the list of 1Gbps broadband cities with the list of top broadband providers? Nada, zip, zero, nothing.

“We’re in the business of delivering what consumers want, and to stay a little ahead of what we think they will want,” said Irene Esteves, CFO, TWC. “We just don’t see the need of delivering [gigabit broadband] to consumers.”

After Google announced plans to wire Austin, TX for gigabit, TWC suddenly saw the need to give away free wi-fi to residents of that city. Is TWC, or any other carrier, giving away free wi-fi in your town?

Additionally, AT&T has said they will build out gigabit internet in Austin, as well. Has AT&T, or any other carrier, announced plans to offer gigabit in your town?

Though Google is playing a crucial role in catalyzing gigabit broadband development, it’s influence is ultimately local — there is no national rollout plan in the US. For the “most advanced nation on Earth,” honestly, that’s a disgrace…

What’s your take?

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