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Project iCon: The Hackintosh Extraordinaire

3 April 2013 3,141 views No Comment

Are you handy in the kitchen? Kent Salas has cooked up a cool Hackintosh that's housed in an über slick Apple logo case.

Is your idea of dinner putting a frozen burrito into the microwave? I don’t know what’s for dinner at Kent Salas’ home, but he has cooked up a wickedly cool, and fast, Hackintosh installed inside a custom, wall-hanging Apple logo case.

Salas fabricated this case by hand from brushed Aluminum.

It took about a week to build the case by hand and attach all the components to a metallic painted wood base, aluminum sides and front Plexiglas window with optional 16-feet of LED lights illuminating the inside and rear of case.

A collection of off-the-shelf PC components costing about $1,200.

A similar comparable Mac Pro would run around $4k direct from Apple, so theoretically I could build three iCons and still have some left over spending cash for other goodies.

The finished product delivers a 13K Geekbench score, high-end iMac class performance.

So, click on through and check out Kent Salas’s Project iCon Hackintosh

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