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iPad Addiction: Four-year-old UK Girl in Treatment

22 April 2013 3,296 views 2 Comments

A shocking tale of technology run amok, this is iPad addiction. Or, spank me for thinking it, stupid people and the stupid things their children do?

The shocking tale of technology run amok — this is our world, this is iPad addiction. Or, spank my naughty bottom for thinking it, stupid people and the stupid things they allow their children to do?

Yes, ladies and gentlemen, a four-year-old UK girl is in treatment for iPad addiction.

“Don’t leave your iPad around because if you do, and children see all the pretty colours, they will want to use it, too. They can’t cope and become addicted, reacting with tantrums and uncontrollable behaviour when they are taken away,” says Dr. Richard Graham, the poor victim’s psychiatrist.

Graham commended her commended her parents for seeking help quickly. If left untreated until age 11, the innocent waif could have ended up an iVegetable.

Can I get an “iPad class action suit!” from the chorus? Hell yeah!

iPad Addiction: A Life Saved

The good Doctor Graham gets £16,000 ($24,392) a month for his “digital detox program” — a mere pittance considering the frightening possibilities (i.e. parents might actually be forced to parent).

That said, the unnamed UK girl might soon have a whole lot of company in treatment as Britain’s National Health Service (NHS) is set to recognize “Internet Addiction Disorder” as a real problem, which means more tax-payer funding for parents unable to enforce a time out.

My take? People, get a fricking grip…

What’s your take?

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