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OS X 10.9 13A497d Seeded to Devs, Details Emerge

25 June 2013 2,212 views No Comment

A busy and, at least initially, happy day for the Mac developer community — Apple has seeded OS X 10.9 13A497d

A busy and, at least initially, happy day for the Mac developer community — Apple has seeded OS X 10.9 13A497d. That said, a fair number of details are now known about Mavericks Preview 2 from a variety of reliable sources.

For example, Apple’s OS X 10.9 13A497d release notes indicate that known issues include installation problems, iCloud and iCloud Keychain foibles, Safari tab issues and varying forms of malaise afflicting third-party apps, like VMFusion, After Effects CS6 and Skype.

As is oft the case, the best public sources for specific information about OS X beta software are the various forums. So, whereas Apple notes Skype issues, individual users/devs report that v6.5 seems to be the source of most problems and that not everyone is affected — caveat emptor.

As you can see above, LinkedIn integration now extends to account setup within System Preferences > Internet Accounts.

Additionally, MacBook owners are self-reporting that OS X 10.9 Preview 2 either had no impact on battery performance or improved it, by to up to 20 percent, for some.

Other features and changes… (9 to 5 Mac)

— Moving around and using the OS seems much snappier and more stable
— Minor UI tweaks in Safari
— Tweaks to share/Message buttons in Notification Center
— iCloud Keychain setup prompt
— Migration Assistant now functional
— Improved performance for select files viewed in Preview

See also: OS X 10.9 13A497d Seeded to Devs, Details Emerge

It will be very interesting, indeed, to see how Mavericks, which is loaded with power saving features, will affect if not radically improve already excellent Haswell MacBook Air battery performance.

A Fairer Platform informant adds an updated version of OpenGL† shipped with Mavericks Preview 2. Additionally, many though not all graphic drivers have been updated.

And, some folks are claiming much faster Mac start up times. Again, however, this isn’t a universal sentiment, though no one seems to be saying Preview 2 has slowed startup, stay tuned.

Lastly, and interestingly enough, Firefox 21 performance is notably better, spunky even, than under either Mountain Lion or the initial beta.

Have details to add? Sound off in the comments…

Sources: AppleInsider, MacRumors, 9 to 5 Mac.

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