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Tim Cook Discusses Collaboration at Duke University

3 June 2013 674 views No Comment

Tim Cook recently spoke at the Duke Fuqua School Business on the occasion of the 25th anniversary and dished on collaboration and special people needed…

Apple CEO Tim Cook recently spoke at the Duke University Fuqua School Business on the occasion of the 25th anniversary of his graduation. This is just a snippet, but it is nonetheless pure gold — Tim Cook dishes on collaboration and special people it takes to make it all happen.

The video clip of Cook discussing collaboration is available below and here’s a quick transcription of his remarks.

Moderator: What qualities do you look for, in terms of who will produce effective collaboration? And, what’s the role of the CEO in fostering effective collaboration?

Tim Cook: You look for people that are not political. People that are not bureaucrats. People that really don’t care who gets credit. People that can privately celebrate the achievement, but not care if their name is the one in the lights. There are greater reasons to do things.

You look for wicked smart people. You look for people who appreciate different points of view. You look for people who care enough that have an idea 11 at night and they wanna call and talk to you about it. Because they’re so exciting about and they wanna push the idea farther. And, they believe that somebody can help them push the idea another step, instead of them doing everything themselves.

I’ve never met anyone, at least in my, maybe they exist, they could do something so incredible by themselves. In companies with global footprints, in our would… In Apple’s world, the reason Apple is special is that we focus on hardware, software and services, and the magic happens where those three things come together. And, so it’s unlikely that somebody that’s focused on one of those in and of themselves can come up with magic.

So, you want people collaborating in such a way you can produce these things. It can’t be produced otherwise.

And, you want people to believe in that.

Source Duke Fuqua YouTube channel via Cult of Mac

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