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iPod Classic: Two Grizzly Bears in Your Pocket

5 July 2013 6,285 views No Comment

In very real sense, the iPod Classic is a classic — Apple hasn't updated the design since 2007. Yet, here is an all-new way of thinking about its capacity

In a very real sense, the iPod Classic really is a classic — Apple hasn’t updated the underlying design since 2007. Nevertheless, here is an entirely new way of thinking about the benchmark media player and just how much its capacious 160GB drive can hold.

ConcertHotels, a site that matches concert goers with hotel rooms, has published a rather unique publicity grab that starts with a simple statement — a 160GB iPod Classic holds 40,000 songs and weighs a third of a pound.

That’s roughly the same as a large adult hamster.
If you bought all those songs on vinyl, your music collection would look like this…

3,180 albums

Stacked together, they’d weigh 1,400 pounds – that’s as much as two male grizzly bears.

The linked webpage includes a simple animation of those 3,180 vinyl albums flying by — an effective and informative graphic that underscores just how far we’ve come since Apple first came on the scene way, way back in 1976…

What’s your take?

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