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Mac mini Delivers Long-Term Value

13 August 2013 802 views No Comment

Windows PCs are cheap to buy, but retain little if any value. Macs, on the other hand, retain much of their value and the Mac mini is a top performer…

Windows PCs are cheap to buy, expensive to use/maintain and generally retain little, if any, of their initial value. Macs, on the other hand, retain much of their value. That said, Apple’s smallest and least-expensive model, the Mac mini, is the long-term value king.

Although the article’s a little old (2007), Salon’s Farhad Manjoo looked into the idea that Macs are more expensive than Windows PCs. Needless to say, he debunked the notion thoroughly — Macs are, in fact, cheaper.

Apple fans have long understood the amazing resale value of their machines. Windows users, on the other hand, might be scratching their heads at my argument; in the Windows world, selling your computer (rather than recycling it) is almost unheard of. After just a year or two of use, a Windows machine gets so gummed up with spyware, viruses and other nasty stuff that it seems malicious to ask anybody for money for the thing.

That said if not settled, when it comes to specific Mac models and resale value, the Mac mini is the champion vis-a-vis retaining its initial value over time. Seriously, eight-year-old 1.25GHz Mac mini G4s still sell for $100 on eBay, which is about 20 percent of the initial sale price.

Macminicolo, a Mac mini hosting company, picks up this cudgel and discusses, at some length, why the Mac mini retains value so well — here’s a taste:

First, the Mac mini is small and easy to ship. This keeps the “potential buyer” market high … I never list the large Macs on ebay because I just don’t want to deal with shipping a big, fragile box. In comparison, a mini is easy to pack and can even fit in a USPS flat rate box that can get anywhere in the world for about $50 or less.

And, having sold and shipped more than a few myself, a Mac mini in a USPS flat rate box is a beautiful thing. Whereas I’ve had MacBooks and iMacs destroyed in transit, Mac minis have to date always gotten through unscathed.

Macminicolo also discusses the simplicity of Apple’s Mac mini naming convention and this small, nearly silent computer’s broad range of use cases — when add it all up, the Mac mini is just a great computer and retains its value well, very well over time…

What’s your take?

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