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Review: Angry Birds Star Wars II: Much Entertainment for $0.99

24 September 2013 562 views No Comment

The new birds, physics, extra crispy + clear graphics and story lines together make Angry Birds Star Wars II a must-have for fans of these iconic franchises

As you might expect, the Qui-Gon Jinn bird is kind of lame, while Yoda is a spinning, whirling Dervish with great destructive power. And, there are makeovers for familiar Angry Birds Star Wars characters, as well.

For example, RSD2 is now more powerful and C3PO’s special power is that he breaks into shrapnel like pieces. Both changes are more in character with the movies, etc. and more fun to play.

The graphics and, one suspects, the graphic engine have been completely reworked. It’s a fresh, crisper look that improves gameplay throughput.

Angry Birds Star Wars II: The Pork Side

• “Is Angry Birds Star Wars II a great game? Yes, it is. Like its predecessor, it does an excellent job of staying faithful to the Star Wars universe, right down to the sound effects. Even the way the much-maligned Jar Jar Binks feels like a wry nod to fellow fansThe Guardian.

• Like its gaming forefathers, Angry Birds Star Wars II is a great game. There’s a reason why the Angry Birds global dynasty exists, and that’s because Rovio knows how to make killer video games that appeal to gamers of all types and all ages. ABSII is fun as heck regardless of whether you’re just breezing through levels with the included birds, or slamming your head against the three star wallTouchArcade.

• Angry Birds Star Wars II covers all its bases and hits an iOS home run… Rovio and Lucasfilm continue to display that the Force, no matter which path we choose, is stronger when a few birds lead the wayArcade Sushi.

Throughout you’ll have the chance to “join the Porkside,” which is an interesting bit o’ fun — no spoilers here!

Why are there pigs using Gungan and Trade Federation weapons? Who knows, though these variations on the theme seem to work in the game. Another oddity in Angry Birds Star Wars II that works is Qui-Gon Jin’s large and excellent beak.

But it’s the totality of this prequel — the story takes you to back Naboo (i.e. Episode I) and then forward — that makes this a must-have for Angry Birds fans. The new birds, new physics, extra crispy + clear graphics and divergent story lines together make Angry Birds Star Wars II ($0.99) an excellent buy.

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