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iPhone 5S A7 Processor: Specs Don’t Matter, Performance Does

21 September 2013 2,259 views No Comment

Samsung's quad-core Galaxy S4 is faster and more powerful than the iPhone 5S and its puny dual-core chip, right? Actually, no and it's not even close…

Samsung’s quad-core Galaxy S4 is faster and more powerful than the iPhone 5S and its puny dual-core chip, right? Actually, no. In fact, Apple’s custom-designed A7 processor is much more powerful. So forget about overblown spec sheets overloaded with half-baked features, performance is what matters.

You may have heard that the iPhone 5S is the world’s fastest smartphone. If this claim was being made by “some fan boy,” you’d have reason to be doubtful.

However, the first seriously technically credible source to make the claim was Anand Lal Shimpi, who is a geek legend known for being deep, thorough and fastidiously impartial.


“The A7 SoC is seriously impressive,” writes Anand in his conclusion. “The A7’s GPU performance is also insanely good – more than enough for anything you could possibly throw at the iPhone 5s today, and fast enough to help keep this device feeling quick for a while.”

Which was precisely Apple’s goal with the iPhone 5S — forward thinking. That it’s also the world’s fastest smartphone seems to be an afterthought to Apple’s ever-understated CEO, Tim Cook.

World’s Fastest Smartphone: Even Gizmodo Agrees

Apple and Gizmodo go together like caviar and used motor oil. So, when Gizmodo, which is perhaps best known for paying $5,000 for a stolen iPhone 4 prototype, has good things to say about an Apple product, it’s worth a listen.


Sometimes people like to harp on Apple for stagnating, but the company’s progress under the hood show that it’s just not true. For all the huge specs (and huge screens) Apple’s competitors like to throw around, Apple remains a year ahead on the only metric that really matters: How well the phone actually performsMarco Aguilar, Gizmodo.

That the article wraps up with such unsparing praise for Apple and its innovative approach speaks volumes.

Again, however, rather than listen to either Anand or Gizmodo’s words, believe the benchmarks. The numbers don’t lie…

What’s your take?

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