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Hackintosh Master Excels at Upcycling

20 October 2013 3,655 views 2 Comments


In creating the original iMac G4, aka Luxo Jr iMac, Apple would have been hard pressed to fit anything else inside. However, MacTester57 has done that and more, creating an i5-powered Hackintosh. Just for giggles, he made sure LCD-dimming works and the optical drive is fully functional, too, which both require custom electronics to properly enable.

That’s an impressive feat. However, that’s just one of the feathers in MacTester57’s war bonnet.

Take, for example, the Mac audio amplifier shown directly below — it’s an i5-powered Mac with a upcycled iPod touch used as the set’s display.


Pretty darned geeky? Yep, but check MacTester57’s daily use Mac desktop, a quad-core i7 Hackintosh running inside a G4 Cube that also features a Blu-ray drive — it’s a dual-boot system that runs OS X 10.8 and Win7.


Amazed? Jealous, a little?

Keep a lid on that for a minute while you get your head around MacTester57’s full-tower Hackintosh, which is housed in an ex-Power Mac G5.

According to the creator, it’s “Nothing spectacular.”


And, the above are just the Hackintoshes MacTester57 says he’s completed. Wonder what’s half finished on his workbench or in a box on a shelf?

Brilliant stuff, MacTester57 — über kudos to you, sir!

And, if you like what MacTest57 is up to and haven’t spent any time at tonymacx86, by all means, get over there and enjoy. The site absolutely drips with Mac geek goodness and is a fabulous Hackintosh resource — get inspired…

What’s your take?

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