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[21 Nov 2013 | No Comment | 170 views]

While iMovie 10 is compatible with any Mac on Apple’s official OS X Mavericks compatibility list, not all of those Macs were supported equally. That is, left unsaid by the company when this anchor iLife app shipped back in October …

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[20 Nov 2013 | No Comment | 239 views]

New Mac coming? Considering a refurbished Mac? Wanna give new life to your old Mac? Then new apps are in your future and Black Friday Mac Bundle can scratch that itch.
You know the drill, people. The Stack Social Black Friday …

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[20 Nov 2013 | No Comment | 572 views]

Recently upgraded to OS X Mavericks and discovered a visitor at the root level of your Mac’s boot drive called “Incompatible Software”? Here are some answers about this little understood feature that’s been part of OS X since Snow Leopard.
Mac …

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[20 Nov 2013 | No Comment | 238 views]

While nothing beats the Roku (links below) for the shear volume and variety of content available, Apple has been relentlessly adding new apps and, thereby, content to the Apple TV over the last year — it’s like getting a better, …

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[19 Nov 2013 | No Comment | 154 views]

Aside from the company’s anchor retail locations, like New York City’s 5th Avenue store, which are open 365 days a year, Turkey Day 2013 won’t be an Apple Store Thanksgiving. That is, the great majority of US stores will be …

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[18 Nov 2013 | No Comment | 189 views]

Has you Flash video downloader stopped working? You are not alone. However, the folks at TastyApps have updated their downloader, VideoBox, for OS X Mavericks and Safari 7 compatibility — works just fine with several major video websites!
• VideoBox 3.9.6 …

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[18 Nov 2013 | No Comment | 535 views]

Are you ready to be a cord cutter? Whether you just shouted an emphatic “yes!” or just wonder about the possibilities, you need not make a definitive choice right now — you can cut the cord in steps and here …

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[16 Nov 2013 | No Comment | 298 views]

While sub-$1,000 refurbished iMacs have been scarce, Apple does have a nice selection of refurbished Mac minis, MacBook Airs and a single MacBook Pro configuration priced under a grand. And, that MBP? It comes with a built-in SuperDrive — they …

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[16 Nov 2013 | No Comment | 972 views]

Apple has already released a Mail 7 fix and has been internally testing Safari and OS X Mavericks updates. Those efforts took a step forward with the release of OS X 10.9.1 and Safari 7.0.1 developers.
While early adopters helped OS …

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[15 Nov 2013 | No Comment | 164 views]

Schadenfreude is pleasure derived from the misfortunes of others. Like lots of folks, I get a thrill watching the pay TV suppliers, especially the cable companies, in pain and they’re definitely suffering, if only a little.
LA Times, quoting Moffett and …