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Mac Pro Price: Only Trolls Think It’s Expensive

28 January 2014 3,323 views No Comment

There is no doubt that $2,999 is a chuck of change, but the Mac Pro price is actually quite cheap. Don't believe me? Then trust a pro.

Perspective, it’s all about perspective. While there is no doubt that $2,999 is a fair piece of change, the Mac Pro price is actually quite cheap for folks in the target market. Don’t believe me? Then trust a pro.

Dave Girard, a video pro that’s forgotten more than most of us will ever know on the subject, has published an in-depth seven-page review of Apple’s new professional grade desktop. And, some of his most salient, and funny, points on the subject of the Mac Pro price:

While many people, mostly of the troll variety, will be running around the Web screaming “so expensive!” the new Mac Pro is anything but when considering what’s in the package. I joked on Twitter that Apple’s Mac Pro deal is this: “buy two discounted FirePro W9000 cards and get a workstation for free,” and that’s not an exaggeration.

The punchline here is that the AMD FirePro W9000, which is roughly equivalent to the cards in the new Mac Pro, retails for $4,000 on Newegg. Apple’s Mac Pro price really brings meaning to the words, “You get what you pay for.”

People don’t buy Mac Pros because they are cheap or because they are marginally nicer looking than a Dell or HP workstation, they buy them because they are fast, they run OS X, and they are stable. Every time I review a Mac Pro, I have to remind the trolls that a video editing suite cannot go down and that the money lost in a day of down time would far outweigh the money you would save by nickel-and-diming your way to a cheaper machine.

Of course, we have heard all of this before, but never quite so eloquently — buy a top shelf graphics card and get the workstation for free. Hmm, well put.

Fundamentally, for video, audio and image professionals that know the value of their time — failure is the most expensive thing — Apple’s Mac Pro price packs a lot of value…

What’s your take?

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