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Original iPhone: ‘Dude, your phone number is on the news!’

14 February 2014 1,282 views No Comment

Ben Bajarin wasn't at Macworld 2007, where Steve Jobs introduced the original iPhone. Bajarin's dad, however, was and that's where the fun begins…

Ben Bajarin has a funny original iPhone story from 2007. The twist is that neither the iPhone nor Steve Jobs are even in the room, but ever present nonetheless. And, here goes — one of the more interesting and endearing original iPhone stories.

Ben Bajarin wasn’t at Macworld 2007, where Steve Jobs introduced the original iPhone. Bajarin’s dad, however, was and snuck a quick demo with a friendly Apple exec, using an iPhone to call his son.

Not long after my dad called me this same Apple exec demonstrated the iPhone to a number of national and international TV networks. Guess whose cell phone number was on the screen while he did the demo? … Not only did my cell phone number make the news, still pictures of that iPhone with my cell phone number on it hit the pages of most major newspapers the next day. Guess what happened in the days following? I got a minimum of 1,500 calls a day for about a week.

Bajarin rolled with it. Some callers he just chatted with and others, especially those wanting to speak with Steve Jobs, got special treatment.

Some just wanted to see if it was a real number. But most would call and right up front ask “may I talk to Steve please.” Once I realized they were looking for Steve Jobs I decided for a few, if I was in the mood to mess with someone, I would pretend I was. I hope Steve forgives me, but the prankster in me had to mess with a few folks.

Fun stuff. But perhaps the funniest bit came from “some guy” who left a message.

“Burned in my memory was a message one guy left for me via voicemail,” writes Bajarin. “He yelled at the top of lungs into his phone ‘Dude, your phone number is on the news!'”

Brilliant, just brilliant. Pretty sure Steve Jobs would approve all the way ’round…

Watch Steve’s “4,000 lattes” prank (5:40).

Source: Ben Bajarin

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