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North Korea’s Red Star Linux 3.0 Apes Apple’s Mac OS X

6 February 2014 1,850 views No Comment


One never knows what’s coming next. While North Korea’s Red Star Linux 2.0 looked uncannily like Windows, the latest version of the hermit kingdom’s homegrown operating system goes the other way. Red Star Linux 3.0 definitely takes cues from Mac OS X.

Will Scott, an American computer scientist who lectured at the Pyongyang University of Science and Technology, brought home a copy of Red Star Linux 3.0 and the North Korea Tech (NKT) blog put it through its paces.

“If you’re a Mac user, some of these screens might appear a little familiar,” writes NKT. “Here’s one for setting the time zone of the computer and anther for setting the desktop background image.”


Red Star Linux 3.0 also cribs the look of OS X Mail (below) and the Mac Dock.


These appearances are skin deep, because Red Star is Linux and doesn’t run Mac apps. However, North Korea code monkeys have included a copy of Wine, so Red Star can run many Windows apps.

That said, North Korean numero uno Kim Jong Un prefers the real deal. Although it could be a clone, the Supreme Leader has an iMac on his desk.

Well, what would you use if you were the absolute ruler? Certainly not Windows let alone Linux.

What do you think of North Korea’s Red Star Linux 3.0?

Via: BBC

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