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2013 Mac Pro + Final Cut Pro Deliver Insane Performance

21 March 2014 7,878 views No Comment

How fast is the 2013 Mac Pro? A new review of Apple's shiny black desktop puts it this way,

How fast is the 2013 Mac Pro? A new review of Apple’s shiny black pro desktop puts it this way, “The Mac Pro and FCPX handle 4K like SD, so 8K should be fine.”

Of course, as a practical matter, shooting, editing and delivering 4K video is still a fairly daunting set of tasks. However, once 4K becomes mainstream, the 2013 Mac Pro you can today will have more than a enough power to handle 8K, someday.

FCP.co and MacBreak Studio have exhaustively researched and test the 2013 Mac Pro. While Apple’s hardware does have hard limits, the guys generally have good things to say about it.

That said, as configured above (image), the 2013 Mac Pro used in FCP.co’s testing would cost $6,299 — a very pretty penny. While it’s not the best one could buy, the config used certainly represents the state-of-the-art.

And, here are some the things FCP.co (ie Alex Gollner and Peter Wiggins) had to say about the 2013 Mac Pro and FCPX:

• We pushed FCPX and the Mac Pro to silly limits, of course nobody will make a year long or a 500,000 pixel wide timeline, but it’s good to know the combination will go that far.

• It seems that the real limitation is a hardware one, yes FCPX will do 16K, but you have to have the storage bandwidth to supply the huge number of pixels per second.

The 1000 Layer Final Cut Pro X Timeline FCPX on Apple’s Mac Pro

• Apple have however, built a combination that will be good for nearly all different media sized projects within the foreseeable future. The Mac Pro and FCPX handle 4K like SD, so 8K should be fine [emphasis added].

• Stressing Final Cut on the new Mac Pro tells us that Apple’s programmers haven’t set most of the application’s limits based on the needs of editors. Instead of writing code that assumes editors would never need to (or want to) work with 16k footage, connect hundreds of layers or create year long timelines, developers have in effect said “Hey, as long as you can find hardware fast enough… Go for it!”

Apple’s 2013 Mac Pro + FCPX can easily handle 4K video and 8K seems very much in the realm of possibility. And, tellingly, while today’s Mac Pro can’t do 16K, FCPX apparently can and, if you can find the hardware, you can you.

Sometimes Apple is just so out and out cool…

What’s your take?

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