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OS X Snow Leopard Is Not Dead

5 March 2014 6,256 views 3 Comments


Last week, Apple released OS X Mavericks, Mountain Lion and Lion specific fixes for the “go to fail” SSL certificate issue. The mothership did not, however, release an OS X Snow Leopard fix, which lead a notable chicken little (aka ComputerWorld’s Greg Keizer) to state that Apple had de facto abandoned OS X 10.6.

In a word, no. No, Apple has not abandoned OS X Snow Leopard, which runs one about one-in-five Macs, and we know this based on two simple facts.

Firstly, OS X Snow Leopard does not include the faulty “go to fail” code. If you have a Mac running OS X 10.6, you can discover this for yourself — just open the goto fail; // Apple SSL bug test site in Safari (image above).

Second, Apple still sells OS X Snow Leopard on DVD ($19.99).

So, again, no, Apple has not stopped supporting OS X Snow Leopard.

Apple will, in all likelihood, continue to support Snow Leopard for at least as long as the company continues to sell this legacy, four-and-a-half year old operating system.

Now, back to our knitting…

What’s your take?

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  • Thomas Carlson said:

    Yes, Snow Leopard is still available at the Apple Store. Actually, I just bought a backup copy of it because my late 2006 MacBook Pro does so much better with Snow Leopard than it does with Lion. Must be the video acceleration thingy because the machine runs hot, the fan on continuously, with Lion.

    The future? Apple has already stopped updating Safari for Snow Leopard. If Mozilla does the same such that we can’t use Firefox on it… we’re screwed. Maybe it’s best to migrate to Linux on these older machines. My MacBook Pro dual-boots into Linux Mint just fine. It’s up-to-date, secure, and it’s free. What’s not to like?

  • Kiwiiano said:

    I’m having to keep an old iMac (Core 2 duo) as a Snow Leopard standby in case I need to retrieve one of thousands of AppleWorks documents. I’m supposed to be able to open them with Pages/Numbers but all too often they spit the dummy and refuse for either an unidentified reason or the claim that it isn’t a word processor/spreadsheet/presentation when it plainly is one of them.

    Considering the popularity of AppleWorks in the past and the zillions of .cwk documents that must exist, it’s surprising Apple have been so negligent.

  • gopher said:

    Correction: The Gotofail bug only affected Mac OS X 10.9, and 10.9.1. Yes there were updates for 10.8.5 and 10.7.5, but neither was due to the Gotofail bug.

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