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2013 Mac Pro Supply Problems? Nope, Just ‘Constrained Allocation’

3 April 2014 3,038 views No Comment

Does Apple have a Mac Pro supply problem or constrained allocation issue? Is there any meaning in the distinction or just it so much lingo?

Like many would-be 2013 Mac Pro buyers, Fairer Platform reader “Bob” ordered early and is still waiting. He lives in that space somewhere between Mac Pro supply and FedEx at his door.

Although he did go with a BTO D700 graphics card upgrade, there really isn’t much special about his order. Considering that he chose a standard menu item and one thing from Column A (another menu item), you wouldn’t think he’d be facing a delay until June.

Alas, that’s the timeframe he’s been quoted for a six-core Mac Pro + D-700 GPUs. Ouch.

“Once these things are flowing, we are ordering 10 more,” says Bob. “We are extremely frustrated.”

Well, although he wasn’t much help, Bob’s Apple rep is responsive and apparently in tune with Apple’s Mac Pro supply problems, nay, customer mollification lingo:

Thanks for confirming the TD PO#. I have confirmed this order is prioritized in the system but at this point they are still allocating on the first in, first out and I’m not privy to an additional information at this point in time. I would keep an eye out for a re-quote from Apple (which Tech Data may receive since the order was placed directly through them) which would have a update on a monthly estimate.

I fully understand your team and your customer’s frustration when it comes to allocation for the MacPro. I will keep you updated if the status changes internally for this specific order. I have provided a brief letter to a handful of partners that basically just states on Apple letterhead that we’re experiencing constrained allocation [emphasis added]. If that would be helpful, please let me know and I’m more than willing to send over.

Thank You!

What does “constrained allocation” mean? Is it just another way of saying they don’t have enough? And, is that the same thing as inadequate Mac Pro supply or is the constraint attributable to [wanton speculation alert] “Disney is buying every one we can make”?

I suspect that, when Apple apologizes and offers an explanation, the company won’t tell us much if anything…

What do you think “constrained allocation” means?

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