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2013 Mac Pro Wait Time: Six of One, Half Dozen of the Other

2 April 2014 5,956 views 5 Comments

Big news, Apple pro desktop loving boys and girls! Apple is now listing 2013 Mac Pro wait times as five to six weeks…

Big news, Mac Pro loving boys and girls! Apple is now listing 2013 Mac Pro wait times as five to six weeks. While that represents a change in nomenclature, the actual time you will need to wait hasn’t changed much if at all.

For example, back in mid-March, Apple listed availability as April. And, hey, that was roughly fix to six weeks. It is, indeed, a fact that 2013 Mac Pro wait times have varied from four to eight weeks since the diminutive pro desktop began shipping at the end of December.

While some people herald the “April” to “five to six weeks” change as a improvement, others are saying 2013 Mac Pro ship times have slipped — there is no Apple news that can’t be spun into a negative.

Fundamentally, if you read news about Apple and it’s good news, you’re reading it wrong.

2013 Mac Pro Supply: An Enigmatic Mystery Wrapped in a Rumor

Of course, it still isn’t clear these several months later what exactly is causing the Mac Pro shipping “delay” — extreme demand, manufacturing issues, parts supply or some combination thereof? Apple isn’t saying and perhaps never will.


That said, Apple has a strong, strong track record of under promising and over delivering. So, five to six weeks for a shiny new 2013 Mac Pro in reality could mean shorter delivery times especially, one suspects, for stock configurations.

And, that would be new and a good thing™…

What’s your take?

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  • Jason Barton said:

    I ordered mine in January, still has not shipped. Checked with our apple rep last week, Im being told June. My order was a 6-core with the Dual AMD FirePro D700.

  • frank said:

    Just a stock Mac Pro or something funky?

  • Jason Barton said:

    Nothing funky. Stock except for bumping the video card up.

  • the rocr (author) said:

    Apparently lots of other folks want the same thing.

  • Jason Barton said:

    Here is the response from Apple, I removed the name of our rep just to try and protect the innocent:

    Thanks for confirming the TD PO#. I have confirmed this order is prioritized in the system but at this point they are still allocating on the first in, first out and I’m not privy to an additional information at this point in time. I would keep an eye our for a re-quote from Apple (which Tech Data may receive since the order was placed directly through them) which would have a update on a monthly estimate.

    I fully understand your team and your customer’s frustration when it comes to allocation for the MacPro. I will keep you updated if the status changes internally for this specific order. I have provided a brief letter to a handful of partners that basically just states on Apple letterhead that we’re experiencing constrained allocation. If that would be helpful, please let me know and I’m more than willing to send over.

    Thank you!

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