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OS X 10.9.3 13D33: Safari Levels Up and a Unicorn

4 April 2014 2,142 views One Comment

What does a unicorn look like? How about an eight-core 3.7GHz 2013 Mac Pro running OS X 10.9.3 13D33, which is what the above screen cap shows

What does a unicorn look like? How about an eight-core 3.7GHz 2013 Mac Pro running OS X 10.9.3 13D33, which is what the above OpenGL Extension Viewer screen cap shows. It also, by the way, shows the current version of OpenGL that ships baked into this Mavericks update.

Last week, Apple pushed OS X 10.9.3 13D28 and there didn’t seem to be much if anything new therein.

Seven days later, a pattern Apple’s been repeating with OS X 10.9.3, there is a fresh developer seed and, wha’dya know, not much is new.

For what it’s worth the mothership is still asking devs to focus their testing efforts on Graphics Drivers, Audio, Mail, Contacts + Calendar sync over USB in iTunes and Safari. On that note, the Safari 7.0.3 build number (9537.75.14) that ships with OS X 10.9.3 13D33 is the same as Apple delivered earlier this week with the stand-alone install of Safari 7.0.3.

Kind of an odd stutter step, but things are in sync again.

That said, iTunes 11.1.6 beta 5 comes with OS X 10.9.3 13D33, as well. No idea what if anything’s changed, but that appears to be newer.

Otherwise, OS X 10.9.3 13D33 looks, smells and tastes, according to knowledgeable sources, very much like 13D28.

Seeing anything fun and/or interesting in OS X 10.9.3? Sound off, if you dare, in the comments below…

Image: MacRumors, Source: AppleInsider, etc

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  • Roger Mercer said:

    Seem to me some behaviors have cleared up in mail and graphics drivers. Mostly mail for me, but I’m not absolutely sure whether that was this version or 28.

    Also, some links to iCloud services may have improved a little, not sure of that.

    Also have noticed some differences in mirroring with this version. Fans run constantly on Macbook Air during full-screen Airplay to other devices. Eventually, mirroring stops or fails, maybe because Macbook Air gets too hot.

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