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47% Have Netflix, etc, 25% Plan Cable Cut

8 June 2014 778 views 4 Comments

Nearly half of all American households subscribe to a streaming TV service and half of those folks say they planning a cable cut

Da Nile is a river in Egypt, but the state of denial is where you will find cable and satellite TV operators. That is, nearly half of all Americans subscribe to a streaming TV service and half of those people say they planning a cable cut.

That might not mean the end of pay TV as we know it, change is certainly in the air.

GigaOM, quoting Leichtman Research Group data, reports that 47 percent of US households subscribe to Netflix, Hulu Plus and/or Amazon Instant Prime — streaming service penetration has nearly doubled since 2010.

Or, in other words, if push came to shove, nearly half of all American households could cable cut tomorrow. Currently, “only” about 5 million households rely entirely on internet, TV while 17 million homes use streamed and/or broadcast content.

Cord cutting is very much a thing and the looks to strengthen going forward.

Cable Cut: Pregnant with Possibility

Broadband industry mouthpiece Fierce Cable, quoting a number analysts and insiders, reports that one in four US TV households is thinking about a cord cut, whether cable or satellite pay TV.

“About 4 to 5 percent of those we surveyed in non-pay-TV households don’t subscribe to a [pay TV] service because they have online video alternatives,” said Howard Horowitz, president of Horowitz Associates. “But while we’re seeing a lot of interest, we’re not seeing a lot of actual cord cutting.”

Hmm, obviously Horowitz hasn’t seen Leichtman Research Group’s data, which shows that 22 million households aren’t paying for cable or satellite TV. Regardless, however you slice it, television is changing rapidly and traditional cable/satellite services look to be on the losing side of history…

Ready for a cable cut? What’s holding you back, sports?

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  • eyemahsource said:

    Cut the cable 3 years ago and never looked back. Money saved invested in faster internet for Hulu, Netflix, YouTube and iTunes. I despise “TV” as it amounts to 600 channels and nothing on. The “TV” industry acts like dinosaurs trapped in the tar pit of impending irrelevance and thrashing about pathetically. Conventional “TV” will die and good riddance. If I were a content producer I would refuse to deal with “TV” and give my business to the streaming services even if only to make an emphatic point and hasten their demise. “Bundling is misspelled, it should be spelled “bungling”. “TV” ranks just barely above cell providers on the contempt scale.

  • Bob B Bob said:

    I don’t know — I like conventional TV! Free to air broadcast digital is awesome!

  • Mike said:

    I agree with Bob B Bob. While cable is gone, and good riddance, broadcast OTA TV is a must, mostly because it’s the one of only reliable ways to get local news, sports, etc. without cable. And there’s something nostalgic about “channel surfing” when you’re bored. 🙂 We have streaming services, but still rely heavily on OTA broadcasts. Thankfully, networks haven’t ditched free OTA transmitters (yet).

  • Avadon said:

    I have a Netflix subscription now and use free Hulu. I recently purchased an outdoor OTA antenna and HD TV antenna amplifier, but honestly I don’t have a lot of time to sit and watch anything anyway. This is more than enough and it costs only the Netflix monthly fee to entertain me when I decide I sit and watch something.

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