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Cable Is Like Smoking: Expensive, Tough to Quit

20 June 2014 3,791 views 2 Comments

Here in the early 21st Century, there is no good excuse to keep paying for cable TV — it’s a dirty, disgusting and expensive habit.

Whether or not you love television, and there is a lot to love, it is a sure bet that you hate the cable company. However, here in the early 21st Century, there is no good excuse to keep paying for cable TV — it’s a dirty, disgusting and expensive habit.

Seriously, once you experience “pay once watch forever” value of cord cutting, you won’t miss cable TV.

That said, Time Magazine’s Ben Taylor has written a bit of cord cutter fluff that begins with this gold, pure gold description of cable TV:

Trying to cut cable is like trying to quit smoking. You’ve been meaning to do it for years. You know exactly how much money you could save. You’re even getting disapproving looks from that 23-year-old neighbor … you know, the one who thinks it’s a disgusting habit that belongs in a previous century. But you still can’t deny how relaxing it is after a long, stressful day at work.

Do the math on your cable bill — it’s a real eye opener.

Quit cable, it’s as bad as smoking…

Source: Time

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  • Kahless said:

    It is not that easy. I live in a rural hilly area, 50 miles from the closest tv station. Digital reception even with an external antenna on a hill, is non-existent. Cell phone coverage is spotty at best. Satellite would mean cutting down trees for a clear signal. DSL is available but 10 times slower than cable Internet. Cable while pricey works well, gives me Internet and the channels I want.

  • John Halbig said:

    Kahless: I agree that not everyone can do it. But for those of us in places like the SF Bay Area, it’s a bit of a wonder why cord-cutting isn’t taking off even more. As it is, I am in the process of cutting the cord (roof antenna in place, was planning on doing the deed in July), and am helping my best friend to cut the cord. Between us we’ll be saving over 2K a year!

    And it is starting to pick up steam: all my talking got some co-workers thinking, and (as the article says) they did the math. At this rate I’ll reach my personal goal of costing Comcr*p at least 10K annually. A drop in the bucket, to be sure… but imagine if we ALL had the same goal.

    Now, just need to get Google fiber into Alameda, and I’ll be free of the worst customer service ever.

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