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iPhone vs Android Price Gap: Apple Delivers Consistent Value

2 June 2014 10,368 views One Comment

Whether you consider iPhone vs Android or Mac vs Windows PC, Apple has mastered the fundamentals — quality, service, reliability or just call it value

Whether you consider iPhone vs Android or Mac vs Windows PC, Apple has really mastered the fundamentals. Simply put, iPhones and Macs cost on average more than twice as much as competing Android devices and Windows PCs.

Why? Fandroids and Microsoft mavens will claim, as they always have, that people pay more for Apple products because of the company’s run like a cult. Or, you could read this bit inflammatory bull crap from Statista.

“While Android phones are becoming cheaper and cheaper, the larger version of the iPhone 6 will reportedly be sold at a $100 premium, which could push the average price gap to $403,” writes Statista. “These numbers explain why, despite dwindling market share, Apple remains the largest profiteer in the smartphone industry.”

Dwindling profiteer? Apple’s iPhone market share isn’t dwindling and to intone that the company is a profiteer? Does anyone proofread at Statista or are they just shooting for flame bait fueled headlines?

Sorry, my bad. Dumb question.

iPhones do carry higher prices, but the people who use them know that they’re getting more and more is. After all, Apple has a strong reputation for quality, customer service and “just works” reliability.

Is that worth twice the price? For hundreds of millions of iOS and Mac users, the obvious answer is, duh.

So, whether we’re talking iPhone vs Android or Mac vs PC, value beats volume. Or, put another way, would you rather drive a BMW or…

What’s your take?

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  • ViewRoyal said:

    One other thing to include in the chart is resale value.

    Just like Macs, iPhones have a MUCH higher resale value than other phones. This GREATLY reduces the price gap (it can even eliminate it!).

    The other consideration is that you get what you pay for. Quality products always cost somewhat more than mediocre products. ;-))

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