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Cable TV Bled 10 Million Subs Since 2010, Here’s Why!

15 July 2014 3,105 views One Comment

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About this “so-called” cord cutting thing… informitv, an industry consultancy with a bent for apologetics, is running their take on the latest Nielsen cable TV and cord cutting data. Yes, cable TV has lost 10 million subscribers, but satellite TV has picked those up.

“Cable television has fallen from just under 65 million homes to just under 55 million over four years,” writes informitv. “Yet this does not imply a mass defection from pay-television.”

So, pay TV is still winning (but never mind that it’s not keeping up with population growth)! Here are the relevant data points culled from the iformitv spin:

• Pay TV households feel from 116 million in 2010 to 114 million last year.
• Broadcast (ie antenna only?) homes have increased from 11.17 million in 2010 to 11.62 million last year
• Broadband (steaming)-only TV homes have risen from 1.29 million (Q4 2013) to 1.63 million (Q1 2014), an astounding 25 percent quarter over quarter increase — BOOM!
— informitv optimistically notes that this is “less than 1.5 percent of television homes”
• Telco operators, primarily AT&T and Verizon, have meanwhile grown their share of pay-television homes from 5.8 percent to 11.9 percent, with the remainder taken up by satellite, essentially DIRECTV and DISH Network.

“A 1.5 percent reduction in pay-television share over four years is relatively modest, compared to the massive adoption of online video services like Netflix, which now has over 35 million streaming subscribers in the United States,” spins informitv. “Most of them are clearly using such services in addition to pay-television subscriptions.”

You know, while that’s true. However, the US population continues to grow even as the cable TV and pay TV customer bases actually shrink.

And, if you’ve wondered why people increasingly hate cable TV in general and Comcast specifically, you only need consider their approach customer service

What’s your take?

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  • alain smithee said:

    I used to work at in a customer (dis)service call center, and my supervisor had a great description for our job – professional liar.

    We were told to phrase company policy in deceptive words that should have been used in a “she said – he heard” article.

    The majority of people that I knew who worked in this call center have moved on because of the cost to our souls.

    What I find amusing and sad is the stammering when I talk to a call center agent and ask clarifying questions. I can tell by their reaction that I am taking them off-script and asking questions that they either were not trained to answer or were told not to answer.

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