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[1 Sep 2015 | No Comment | 0 views]

With the refurbished Mac mini, it’s been feast or famine for the better part of year. So, if you are in the market (or might be) for a Apple Certified Factory Refurbished Mac mini, now is the time.
As with all …

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[29 Aug 2015 | No Comment | 0 views]

A trifecta of good Mac gaming news! Yes, Company of Heroes 2 Mac is now shipping and it’s free to play this weekend on Steam. Also just for this weekend, Company of Heroes 2 Mac is priced at just $10; …

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[29 Aug 2015 | No Comment | 0 views]

These deals only along every so often and they’re usually gone before you get a chance to take a second look. Want a refurbished MacBook Air for $639 with a full + extendible AppleCare warranty and free shipping? Don’t hesitate!
And, …

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[20 Aug 2015 | No Comment | 0 views]

Old Macs never die, especially truly awesome models like Apple’s white MacBook. Get an OS X El Capitan ready refurbished MacBook for yourself or back to school kid for $299 after a special, one-time $30 price reduction. Ground shipping is …

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[18 Aug 2015 | No Comment | 28 views]

Regular Fairer Platform readers know I am a huge fan of refurbished Mac, iPad and, though harder to find, refurbished iPhone. Though I’m fully kitted up, I never get tired of digging for fresh deals and here is a full …

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[11 Aug 2015 | No Comment | 1 views]

Get your Back to School Mac and iPad deals here. Huge savings on refurbished iPads, including the EOL iPad 3 for just $185, score. Or, get a refurbished Back to School Mac or MacBook with prices starting at $759.
• Refurbished …

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[7 Aug 2015 | No Comment | 0 views]

There are nice selections of refurbished MacBook Airs and 13-inch MacBook Pros in stock. However, as of this writing, refurbished 15-inch MacBook Pros are nowhere to be found — they won’t be gone long, though.
Apple Certified Factory Refurbished MacBooks all …

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[6 Aug 2015 | No Comment | 22 views]

Where PWYW stands for “pay what you want”… But get in quick, because the Mac Power User Bundle “beat the average price” will go up! If you only wanna pay $1, you get Screens and Find Any File, together a …

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[31 Jul 2015 | No Comment | 1 views]

Here is the tale of two identical refurbished MacBook Pros with very different prices and value propositions. Whereas buying Apple Certified Factory Refurbished gets you free shipping and a full + extendible AppleCare warranty for $879
However, the Mac of All …

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[30 Jul 2015 | No Comment | 1 views]

Would like to be Raspberry Pi hacker? Want your kids to understand hardware and programming basics? Then you need to get with the program! Get the Raspberry Pi Hacker Bundle and the hardware, from basic board to full kits, you …

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[29 Jul 2015 | No Comment | 0 views]

Here at the Fairer Platform we love refurbished mobile gear. These days there are more places than just the Apple Store where you can find great prices on refurbished iPhones, iPad, iPods and, of course, Macs.
• Refurbished Droid Razr Maxx …

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[23 Jul 2015 | No Comment | 167 views]

Good things come to those who wait? Well, that assumes you survive the wait. In the case of Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic II (MAS, $6.99) coming to the Mac, it only took 10 years — it shipped …

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[22 Jul 2015 | No Comment | 433 views]

As you probably know, Apple announced and shipped the 2015 iPod touch. Quite naturally, Apple has now trimmed refurbished iPod touch in order to move stock of these older, yet still pretty darned excellent camera + media player + internet …

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[17 Jul 2015 | No Comment | 169 views]

My current home WiFi networking includes a refurbished Airport Express Base Station and refurbished Airport Express hub, both are 802.11n models. Both units have performed pretty much flawlessly, providing superbly reliable and fast (35Mbps cable broadband) connectivity — no mean …

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[17 Jul 2015 | No Comment | 446 views]

Two dozen reasons to spend at least a buck! The iOS App Store is running the Amazing Apps & Games Sale, featuring a dozen each amazing apps and amazing games for sale for just 99 cents!
Amazing Apps
• Facetune — Facetune (image …